Coolest way to Celebrate a Birthday


It all started with us (me and my friend) buying a cake. We always look for the cheapest option  available as it will good for the pocket and in the end cakes gonna’ end up in Birthday boy’s face. To be honest the cake is not eatable at all, actually it seemed like it is made for the purpose of throwing at the face. We bought the cake for as low as 1.83 USD (120 INR).

Now after buying of cake, we all gathered in a room for cake cutting. But one of our friend is late putting the cake ceremony at halt. After sometime everyone start loosing their cool and one of us started throwing cake towards the birthday boy then everybody else joined him. So actually without cutting the cake we started throwing the cake at him. And then we started kicking, punching and slapping  him and the whole room is turned into a wrestling arena. Then suddenly the water container fell and one of my friend started splashing on everyone. Now focus from birthday boy is transferred to everyone else in the room. And everyone started splashing water on each other. And the floor within seconds becomes muddy due to water, mud in our sleepers and cake that fell from throwing at each   other.

Now everyone started throwing that muddy water at each other. We all become totally wet then we all went to the washroom. And our washroom is not like other colleges  bathroom. It smells like Hell and started our dancing their. We all danced in that dirty bathroom didn’t care about anything. It was one of the best moment of my life.

At last comes the toughest moment of all cleaning the room. ‘cos it’s my room, I have to clean it. I have to all energy that is left in me together and clean the room.

Well this is the best celebration I have ever had in my life not sure about the man of the hours back as he has to take a lot of hits especially from me. But at the end of the day its a day to never forget.


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